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We are a digitally-driven marketing and media agency anchored in Asian markets


Reaching B2B and niche consumer markets in Asia is tough. China's very different from Indonesia which is still different from Singapore and Malaysia. Decision-makers and influencers are young, mobile, and social....but your trade media may not be.  You meet prospects at events, exhibitions and conferences....but are you bringing enough customers home?


Let us help you do better

We help you create practical strategies, schedules, and affordable budgets -- and add the metrics to see results

We package and localize your content --- or create research-based, interactive content to influence your targets

We help you post conference and exhibition ROI by bringing real leads home

Our lead management platform allows you to track and manage campaign progress and sales follow up in real time


3/F Jonsim Place

228 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong S.A.R.

Suite 259, 569 South Xizang Road

Huangpu District Shanghai 201100 P.R. China


T: +86-21-5353-7187

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