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Complex markets for specialized products and services

Capturing Growing Niche Opportunities in Asia

Fragmented Markets

China is very different from Indonesia which is still quite distinct from Singapore and Malaysia. Your competitive landscape looks different depending on where you land.  Service expectations vary widely --- your content, language, and marketing channels need to too


Limited Trade and Niche Media

Less than 10% of Asia's trade and special interest media reach more than 10,000 users per month.  80% of regional trade magazines circulate fewer than 8,000 copies -- and that number is falling fast. Large markets like China are covered by numerous vertical Websites. Across the region social media is filling the growing, but often under-served demand for specialized industry, interest/hobby, and professional information and interaction.  One or two paid media channels won't do the job --- while new "earned" and "owned" media opportunities can yield big returns


Numerous Events

100s of exhibitions, conferences, forums, and  networking events put you into the market.  But ROI on sponsorships and booths is hard to track.  How do you convert the average 150-350 business cards that you bring back from an event?


Multiple Social Media

Social media is big in Asia....but how and where does it work for B2B or special interest consumer marketing?  Your customers and prospects are definitely tweeting, chatting, sharing videos and posts.  But how does this fit into your strategy?  And, where should you be when it's not just Facebook and Twitter? What should you be posting....and how should you engage users from there?


Early CRM

CRM usage is still low across much of Asia.  Where uptake is faster like China, sales-focused CRM data is rarely linked to marketing campaigns.  Little data means little analysis to target the most profitable customers and steer clear of troublesome markets.


Sparce Content

For B2B and special interest consumers marketers, content is currency -- it influences, educates, and builds your brand, and gets your products in the door.  High-growth, competitive markets and day-to-day tactical demands leave lean, regional marketing teams with little bandwidth to create and localize useful content that converts customers. 


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