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Our content creation and localization


For new clients in new markets, your expertise, technology, solutions, and success are often only as good as the content that shares them.  Few B2B or special interest/enthusiast purchases are as simple as a single click -- you need to influence teams, fellow users and peers, educate advocates, and provide useful know-how to make it to the short-list and then win.

Localized Toolkits


We help you package and localize your content into credible, useful content.  Beyond whitepapers, this content includes:


  • Expert interviews

  • Research reports

  • Custom eNewsletters

  • How-to-videos

  • Instructional Webinars

  • Expert Q&A

  • Decision checklists

  • Survey data

  • Infographics....and more

Social Formats


Adapting your data to social media formats can increase your reach and credibility. Although social media may be the right lead acquisition channel, social media dialogues can strength your lead nurturing campaigns as your posts, links, and video content is shared within common interest groups.

Research-based Content


Through industry surveys and industry benchmarking, we can help you build an arsenal of highly relevant research-based content to drive your Asia marketing campaigns. 

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