Our multi-format media network provides "best fit" channels


We distribute, manage, and measure your advertising, content, and lead generation campaigns across a customized mixed of multiple Websites, blogs, eNewsletters, social media groups, and even video platforms.  A simple control point for mult-country, multi-lingual reach

Websites, Blogs and Online Communities


We work with multiple vertical market and professional Websites, blogs, and online communities across multiple industries.  Use these channels to place your sponsored content, promote interactive events, and create links to capture targeted leads.  We help you track and measure media performance to allocate your budget to the most efficient channels.

Conferences and Exhibitions


We help you select the "best fit" events from the hundreds of exhibitions, conferences, and forums that emerge each month.  We then help tie your event participation or sponsorship back to your digital strategy and lead generation campaigns.  Our lead management tools then help you track the event value to guide future event plans and budgets.

Social Media 


We help you build Wechat groups, Linkedin groups, Twitter followers, Slideshare posts, and video channels into your overall media plan.  Which ones make sense, when, and for what content.  We can then help your team manage localized campaign and conversation execution